In this article I want to tell you how we can create a list of questions in Excel, together with a list of students and that through a simple Python script automate us launching the questions to a Teams Channel. At the end of the article you also have the Webinar that I made for Microsoft Education on this practice fully recorded.

Those questions will be released from time to time and even if we want, assigned to a specific student to answer.

The first thing we will do is prepare the Teams channel so that it allows Python to connect. We show it in this video.

Well now that we have prepared the channel, we are going to see our Excel sheet with the questions and I will explain a little the Python script to automate the process.

Finally we will see how this whole process works. We will launch the script and we will remain pending on the screen as our questions appear and our students answer.

The Python script and the Excel template in case you want to use it is at this link. ExceltoTeams

I also want to share the recording of the Webinar that I made on April 2, 2020 on Microsoft about this process. Here it is