Hello to all those who use digital resources in your classroom, today I want to explain a complement that I find great for all those who use Google forms with your students. And those who do not use this may be a good time to do it, because as a review tool, self-assessment or even exam you can come very well in any of the work methodologies you are using.

But without distancing myself from the subject I explain to you what this fabulous complement for your forms consists of.

It consists of automating the sending of personalized Certificates to your students when they exceed a percentage of success in the forms that you have created for them, as a complement of motivation "is priceless".

These certificates can be completely personalized for each student with their name and even the template that we will use to create them can also be customized for each type of Form.

If we have different forms for different units or exams we can make different certificates for each of them.

If to give more detours and having already the clear idea of ​​the objective of this complement I will explain step by step how we can implement it in our G-Suite profile. (Google for Educations)

Step 1º

The first thing we must do is create our first form where we want the certificates to be sent once they have been passed. We can also use it in forms that we already have created.

Step 2º

We will search and install the add-on  Certify'em in our profile to be able to use it with any form. We press the 3 points next to our profile picture and then "Add-ons"

Now we search by the name of "Certify" and install


Once the Certify plugin is installed, click on the Puzzle button to manage the certificate options.


We configure the options of the Certificate.

  1. We enable the Certificate in this form
  2. Percentage of successful questions to submit the form
  3. Choose the template you want or customize it.


Pass the link to our students and wait for them to complete the form. If you obtain a percentage greater than or equal to the one we have marked, you will receive a personalized Certificate like this in your email.

In the following article we will see the advanced options of the Certificates and even how to customize the templates to personalize corporate or fun certificates of our students.