On this occasion I am going to talk about a different exercise that I have proposed to my students in the ICT subject. In this 3º evaluation I plated the way to evaluate them in such a way that with a single exercise they can put into practice everything we have seen during the course.

In this subject I have taught my students to start programming in HTML5, from here I went to CSS to design these pages and finally I finished this evaluation with a bit of PHP language. The truth is that the result has been great and students who knew nothing about programming, we just managed to hook them with the code if not also awaken their creative and design vein with the help of CSS.

To raise this exercise I have helped with something as common as a LOGIN on a website, something they are very familiar with. But of course asking only a user and a password can be a simple exercise, then I started to think and I gave the exercise a round.

Why not raise 3 levels? Besides that they can choose the level to perform, each level more complicated than the previous one and with more logical thinking. Well, to make this 2º level help me from another component that they know a lot… the famous “recaptchap”, that is to say a method that shows you that you are not a machine but a normal user that wants to access.

Well this is the 2º level !!!, look for a mathematical operation to complete our LOGIN.

And finally an 3º level, the most difficult of the 3. I proposed to my students a recaptchap that changed every time you entered the web. Not to make it excessively complicated I gave them the clue to use a random variable created in PHP. With this function that generates a different number every time you reload you had to find a way to change the images of your recaptchap.

I can tell you that the exercise has already taken place, I raised it as an individual challenge but they could work in a group, the only condition I gave them is that their LOGIN was personal of each one and that they had 24 hours to do it from the moment that I explained it to him.

Here I share my idea of ​​this challenge, which I also believe can be coupled with other exercises and not just programming, the code available download here