In this article I want to explain how we can create our first App in a simple way.

An app that allows us to use it in class and that we can even use it with data from a simple Excel. An app that is a tool to explain, interact or play in the classroom.

First of all, explain briefly what PowerApps is.

PowerApps is a Microsoft tool within the Office365 platform, a tool that allows us to create Apps for devices in a simple and practical environment. What can we do with PowerApps?

  • To be able to create Apps not only for companies, but also for the classroom in an educational way.
  • Our App can work on any Device, both Android, IOS and Windows.
  • Create very dynamic and attractive classroom content
  • Promote collaborative work
  • Encourage the creation and design of our students.
1 pill

We start with PowerApps and connect with our EXCEL document.

In this Pill we will enter the PowerApps platform, simply by typing in the browser

Once inside we will create our App using a Data Template, for this we must connect our PowerApps with OneDrive to find and connect our EXCEL file

That Excel file will simply take a table with the content we want to manage in our App. I leave the sample file used in the Video to download it. Here.

2 pill

We create and design our App

Here I show you how we can shape our App using the screens created by the Template.

Remember that the template creates three screens:

  • Data Explorer
  • Details of each Data
  • Enter or Modify the Data

We finish and save our APP

Now we must save our App and leave it ready for publication, for this we must choose an icon and customize some properties of the Aspect.

We must remember that this App you can share with any user of your organization so you can interact with it independently. Both as a user or as a co-owner.

We publish our App on the mobile.

Once saved our App we must install PowerApps in our mobile (from any of the Store)

Once downloaded, you enter with your Microsoft user and it will show you the App.

Now you can work with it independently on our Device.

Remember that any modification you make in the App in design or programming mode, will automatically be updated in the devices where it is installed.

And your EXCEL data is dynamic, therefore any modification in that data will also be reflected in real time in your App.

PowerApps Commands

For those of you who want to continue researching this fantastic tool, here is a link to the Official PowerApps documentation in Spanish, where you can find all the commands and examples necessary to make that App that you are already imagining.


Greetings and I hope it will help you create fantastic Apps to use in the classroom !!.