I love being able to write an article like this to tell you that Fundación Telefónica with your Volunteers program will work together EuropeanValley Institution in being able to make a project that we had in our hands a while ago, Medisinf

From EuropeanValley we continue looking for the way to unite the Technology with real projects that contribute not only knowledge but also values ​​that go beyond the classrooms. The possibility of working together with Fundación Telefónica in this type of educational and solidarity projects makes our objectives even closer.

The project intends develop a mobile application connected through the internet to gain access to a technological, collaborative and humanitarian health system.

Help improve health and health conditions for the most disadvantaged population through a mobile App together with young students and volunteers.

You can collaborate in a work team together with students of the European School of Madrid and other educational centers, with the aim of improving the app including Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. We have already made some progress in the development of these two areas, with which your role as a volunteer It will be a team to continue and improve the work already advanced.

The collaboration model includes a small face-to-face dimension and a virtual dimension to collaborate through an online platform dedicated to the project.

For this first start of the project we look for concrete profiles in the following areas:

  • Cloud Computing (Development and Administration)
  • Web Design (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS)
  • Augmented Reality (Unity)
  • Machine Learning (Python)

We do not ask for great experts, remember that it is an educational project and as such, students and volunteers can work together with telephone engineers and other sectors, in a common goal.

Transform the living conditions of hundreds of people by supporting the Medicine Without Borders project!

If you want to participate in this educational project as a volunteer of Telefónica and EuropeanValley you must register on the Fundación Telefónica website and sign up for our project. Pinch here

From the Telefónica Volunteers Program, they consider your training It's fundamental. Therefore, prior to the activity you will receive a document with more information about your work as a volunteer and the importance of this action.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@europeanvalley.es

Thank you very much.