Sometimes we think that teaching programming code in schools is too long and for that we use modular interfaces that help us understand the structure of a program. Students can remove and put modules where they want and with these movements they carry code packages that they still do not know, but in the end they have an execution that they can visualize.

For my part, I think teaching them a black sheet with white letters called a console and that from scratch they can create something, I do not see it as difficult for them.

All the great words of the Internet as BigData, Data Science, Cloud Computing, VPS they have their beginning in something very small ... in a few small lines of programming that little by little were growing and organized in a logical way to obtain what we see today.

For that reason I think that it is not necessary to arrive at the University nor to be a Mathematical or Physical to understand the structure of a Database, its fields or even what they call "primary key". After all we have ordered our closet once, placing the shirts on one side, the pants on another and the shoes on our shoemaker ... ..and without knowing how exactly, we created a list of the shirts that can stick with those pants or shoes that combine better with those shirts.

Let's use real examples

Well, it is something that we can have on a daily basis because we do not teach it in the classroom, because we do not make each student have his database and can search and search for data on his own. We will only have to teach you the syntax that you should use so that the system understands your ideas, and only with that syntax, your curiosity and your work, those SQL statements will be increasingly effective and complex.

We will not only look for shirts and pants, but we will be able to filter by styles, colors, neck width, pockets, etc ...

Search and filter data is simple, do it in a logical way and with a goal is what differentiates us from knowing how to program in database, so we have to teach them how to organize and how the information is structured, in that they at first They will look like a simple "Data table". This is where as a teacher we get into action and as with simple examples teach them to be able to see beyond that table, to see a small "DataBase" with its fields, records, relationships, keys etc ...

Let's teach the concepts, not the software that handles those concepts.

Make them believe that in the end the "Select * from table" command is what matters least, that their logic of how to look for it and show it is the beginning to create their little BigData.

Written by Jorge Calvo. New technologies Educacem Group.