In today's article I wanted to tell you about one of the most practical and useful tools for working with devices in class. We talk about Nearpod, a multi-user tool that allows us not only classroom management, thanks to the way you guide your content but also how to interact with your students through quick response and resolution exercises.

From the European School of Madrid we are more and more the professors we are using are a great tool, to the point that we recently closed a licensing agreement with the company Nearpod.

We managed to have at our disposal a very powerful platform to be able to give a new approach to our classes.

Nearpod VR

Nearpod allows us to create our content in a comfortable and guided way, allowing not only to introduce the simple slides if not to the point of being able to incorporate elements in 3D or even visits in 360 degrees in its latest version.

In our center we have bet a lot on this type of tools and we not only use them, but we also encourage our teachers internally through workshops and courses. With this we managed to create a very positive current, not only of contents to be able to share, but in the form and methods that we use in the classroom.

In these times of education where there is so much talk of "our inverse class" or as many call it, flipped classroom, Nearpod is a perfect and "educational" tool to practice a collaborative work in real time in the classroom. It allows us to manage and show multimedia content to our students and also to be able to evaluate in a very comfortable way the evolution of our class. Reports that show the individual results and the whole class as a whole.

One of the virtues we also have to highlight this tool is its work in the cloud, this in centers like ours is a great advantage that allows us not to depend on a device or system to work, that each of us always has available its content is an important point of security when creating, modifying or updating your classes.

Nearpod gives us the ease and flexibility of being able to combine in an efficient way, practice and theory in a class of 50 minutes

In conclusion, I believe that Nearpod is a necessary tool in today's classes, in those centers that, like the European School of Madrid, are committed to technological innovation in the classroom and we always seek to motivate and "hook" the student with our subject.