European Valley is a project created by the teaching and management team of the European School of Madrid and enriched by our students. This is born from the need to try to answer the question of whether our students are prepared for the world we are on: work in professions that do not yet exist, in teams with creative, entrepreneurial and solidarity skills and apply technology in any field.

The European Valley project facilitates training to acquire the skills and digital skills that are required in the future. It is a space within the school that becomes the spearhead of innovation and laboratory of ideas to develop different transversal projects.

In addition, it helps to take the step to change methodological which involves the introduction of technology in teaching practice. For this we start from the idea that technology does not come to replace, but to add, to provide new ways in the process of teaching-learning.


  • Cross-sectional projects which involve students from different courses and professors from different specialties to promote technological projects. Students learn by experimenting in workshops, seminars and research and development laboratories with real life application. One of our examples of how these projects can be realized are those mentioned in our technological blog:
  • ION Project, winner of the Retotech Endesa 2017 Award: An educational project born from the idea of ​​being able to create energy by means of a windmill to improve a disadvantaged environment.

  • 3D prosthesis creation: how a project can be born from Primary to High School to help a classmate.

  • Digital education. The students of the School receive classes in European Valley of the different subjects which are enriched with technological resources. The important thing of the class is not the technology, but the didactic objectives that you want to achieve. What do you want to achieve with your students? How can technology help you? How can you design a methodological proposal that integrates both questions?
  • A science class in our school:

  • Educational innovation Teachers receive training in the use of new technologies applied to the classroom (augmented reality, 3D glasses, use of mobile devices, etc.) and then introduce these dynamics in the development of the programming of the different subjects. European Valley allows us to provide training and encourage collaboration among our teachers to develop this type of initiative.

  • Digital Health As an innovative center and promoter of this type of project, we know that technology implies a great responsibility both in our students and in our families. Therefore, one of our pillars is training and support for the proper use of digital resources.
  • For more detail you can see our method of work in the blog.

  • Participation of families, They also have the opportunity to go through this space to be trained in the new technologies in which their children are immersed, as well as to learn first hand the new teaching-learning processes.
  • Cybersecurity workshop for parents:

  • Parental mediation according to the age of our children:

After two years of work we have created a solid digital project where our students have not only known the technology but have learned to use it and apply it.

We have realized that technology can promote other types of values ​​besides knowledge and teaching. In short, innovation and education must go hand in hand.

Thanks to this work and this idea of ​​bringing technology into education the 25 of May the EuropeanValley project was awarded by the National Awards for Educational Innovation by Use of Technology in the Classroom

And of course, European Valley is an open space, where the entire educational community collaborates, creating the synergies with which the final result is much more enriching than the simple sum of the parts.