In this article I would like to show you 4 pills of how a powerful programming tool in Azure, the Notebook Jupyter, is handled.

What is a NoteBook?

A notebook allows me to program in different languages ​​in a simple and very intuitive way. This is thanks to cell programming, which allows me to execute the code line by line and in the order that I want. Also in a notebook we can not only write the code but also different formats and sizes of letters to make some very intuitive programming sheets.

For example programming with maps, practices that we will see in the following tutorials.

We create our first project in Notebook Azure

In this second video I will show you the first steps in your Jupyter Notebook. How can I place text and how can I add my first commands in Python

Here you have a link with all Markdown commands to work with the letter formats in our Notebook: Markdown-cheat-sheet

We started using the Math library

Finally, in this last video I teach you to share our project, so that with a simple Link our students can have a preview of our code.

With these four pills I close this article, I hope you found it interesting and since you have a base to work with the Notebooks in Python I would like to share this link where I do a Geolocation practice in a Python Notebbok, go ahead!

Geolocation in Python