With this article I would like to teach you in a simple way and with some pills in video format as we can create our first chatbot in class and most importantly as we can insert it in our presentations and put it in the context of an activity or class theme.

For this we will use a tool called landbot.io

How would a chatbot be with Landbot.io

In this first video I show you the final work of how our chatbot would look

We started using Landbot.io, we registered and I show you the work panel.

Can I ask questions in my Chatbot?

Of course, in this video I teach you to ask the student's name and have a much more personal and close conversation. We learn the use of variables in our ChatBot

Can I show different options in the answers to guide the conversation?

Of course, in this pill I teach you to show different response options so that our student marks the one that he thinks is correct and the conversation can go different ways.

Can I customize or narrow down the questions in my ChatBot?

I teach you to ask questions with predetermined formats so that if we ask for a website, a number or a date the answers are with that format appropriate to the question, so we will have a more “ready” Chatbot

How do I end my conversation?

What do you think about asking the evaluation of the activity and thus obtaining feedback from the student?

Can I insert it into a Google Site or other presentations, web or Blog?

Of course, this is one of the main objectives, to put our Chatbot in the classroom context, to go one step further and enrich our presentation with an assistant that will answer any questions or even ask us if we have really understood the subject.

I hope this article serves you and you can take advantage of this fantastic resource. also tell you that all this activity It is made with the free version of LandBot.io.

I leave the Google Site link: https: //sites.google.com/educacem.com/elprado