The other day I found this tool on the network, which I found very interesting to share. I think you can take advantage of it in the classroom, to work with colorful students or to carry out graphic and art activities.

The tool is called Picular. This new platform calls itself "the Google of colors", and the truth is that they have no reason.

One of the positive points of this tool is that it fits any device, so we can use it without problem in tablets, mobile phones and of course PC.

Search by colors or objects

Upon entering we will meet a very minimalist interface, with a search engine on the left and a mosaic of colors that is constantly changing to the right. As we see, in each color we see its hexadecimal code.

Although you can search for "blue", "magenta", "orange", etc. the really interesting thing about this platform is that is based on the Google search engine. That means we can search for colors by entering all kinds of terms.

You can see the full article in this Link