I would like to tell you this simple but very useful resource that I just put in my blog. It was really born from an email that I received a few days ago from a fantastic person.

In his email he told me what he liked my blog and how useful the resources that I shared and explained were being, but the reason for his email also had another objective, and he would tell me that he had had a problem with his vision and It was hard to read through a screen. Therefore, without hesitation, I started looking for some resource that could make it easier for me to continue knowing my new articles and resources.

And I met with WebSiteVoice, a fanatic web that allows me to create a Speech of my content in a very easy way. It has a free version that covers virtually all your needs.

Now I briefly tell you how you can install it on your Web or Blog

  • We first enter the Web https://websitevoice.com And we sign up with a simple email. Remember to check the email they send you.
  • The second step, we will enter the DashBoard and go to configure our Widget.
    • Style
    • Color
    • Language
    • ...
  • And in the third step we are almost going to install it… We go a little further down into the “Widget Install” section and we will see “installation”. This little <script> should be copied and pasted into the code of our website, between the <body> </body> tags.
  • Remember to put on the "Update Website" your Web address to verify the site.

But how do I do it if I have WordPress

Well, you just have to download the WebSiteVoice Plugin, here is the link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/websitevoice/

Now you install it in your WordPress and then configure it in the following simple way.

  • Within your WordPress or go to «Settings» and there you will find the WebsiteVoice Setup.
  • Then you simply copy and paste the content of the <script> that I mentioned before and save the changes.

And everything is ready to LISTEN to your website.

As a curiosity also tell you that the HOME of WebsiteVoice once registered you will have a monitoring of the times that your speech is being used and in what links.