In this article I want to explain an exercise that I have used with my students to explain that "complicated" question that some students ask us when we talk about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or even simply Robots.

Do machines think or predict?

To explain this question in class I like to use this ancient mathematical method called «MonteCarlo», where by means of a small algorithm or sequence we can predict the PI number.

I will explain the exercise with two very intuitive videos. In the first one I show you the MonteCarlo Method in a graphic way and as with some simple math y a little bit of probability we can make the prediction as if we were a machine that never knew the number π.

In this second video I will tell you how we can program the algorithm in Python and be able to do the experiment n times to find the best approximation of the PI number.

I hope this interesting practice will help you to do in class and thus give students a vision of how a machine can predict a value that is unknown through a mathematical algorithm.