Our EuropeanValley project has been awarded in the National Awards for Educational Innovation for the «Use of Technology in the classroom». A way to integrate Technology in all subjects, with the methodology of «For what ..».

EuropeanValley is born from the need to try to answer the question of whether our students are
prepared for the world we are on: to work in professions that do not yet exist, in teams with creative, entrepreneurial and solidarity skills and to apply technology in any field.

The European Valley project facilitates training to acquire the skills and digital skills that are required in the future. It is a space within the school that becomes the spearhead of innovation and laboratory of ideas to develop different transversal projects.
In addition, it helps to take the step to the methodological change that supposes the introduction of the technology in the teaching practice. For this we start from the idea that technology does not come to replace, but to add, to contribute new
paths in the teaching-learning process.

After two years of work we have created a solid digital project where our students have not only known the technology but have learned to use it and apply it.

We have realized that with technology you can promote other types of values ​​besides knowledge and
teaching. Definitely, Innovation and education must go hand in hand.