And finally the day arrived, a day where in the same room we joined 50 schools in Madrid with a technological project under his arm, full of ideas, work, time and dedication.
The objective we had was to improve an environment through Technology and with that premise that gave us the Foundation Endesa and BQ we set to work with a clear goal, to reach the 20 June day not only with the best possible project but also with the idea of ​​working with students in a different way. Taking Technology to the classrooms, adapting it to the subjects and using it in a real project.

Sometimes there are environments that are improved with very basic things, and that is what our students thought when we sat at a table with only a pencil and a sheet of paper. Energy is essential in places where everyday things like turning on a light bulb can be practically impossible.

From the European School of Madrid our idea was not just to create a project to bring the energy there, if not «Take her to stay». And this is where our project is born, Technology can be as complex as we want to do it and because of this, it seems that it is only "property" of developed countries, but we did not want to see it this way, technology can be in any place and well taught and applied can be used by anyone.

We bring technology and knowledge

Our union for a few years with the Carpio Perez Foundation It has made us keep in mind values ​​of solidarity and help with those who need it most, for this reason the ION Project already had a place on the map when it was translated into a paper.

ION Project is born with a mill, the idea of ​​a model that will generate wind power to take it to a place near Arusha, Tanzania. To a Masai community where not only do they need energy, but also know how to generate it. Reading these last two lines you can think that ION has nothing of innovation and even little creation, because if we look in different directions there are already windmills that generate wind energy. That is where our educational idea is born, to be able to create mills with 3D printers from a main mill. If we already take the electricity, why do we give them the possibility that they can create their own mills there, thanks to the 3D printing ?.

With the ION project we have created a mill with 3D parts totally ours, designed in an original way by our students, in this way these pieces can be printed on any 3D printer, but not only we wanted to stay here, we have created an App that Wireless can manage the mill head to move it in 180 degrees from one device. In a manual way we can guide our mill to find your best air flow.

Our energy was born thanks to the work of our Physics students, where their premise in this project was to be able to generate light with the only help of the wind. It is nice to see how a Physics teacher explains the properties of magnetic field focusing on a mill that you are doing yourself in the classroom on the floor below.

ION has given us the possibility of nesting subjects that we thought could never share a classroom, but the projects are "like this", you just have to look for their common points and develop them with the students. ION is a Technological project but it has to be represented in some way and our small town in Tanzania had to travel to the Endesa contest, so better than asking for help from Art students, they were able to prepare a model that I represent Perfectly our idea.

I do not want to end the description of ION without mentioning the great work that high school students did, not only with the programming of the movement of the mill, but also with the ability to convert our ION into IOT, a mill that is not only capable of receiving information to move, if not send information to the Internet to monitor their Revolutions and energy generated in real time.

Thanks to all this the ION Project won the contest Retote_tech, but for us and I imagine that for all the rest of schools, our projects already had their prize just for being there and having done this great job during all these months. ION has given us the possibility to work in a different way, creating a link between subjects, contents, efforts and students that is difficult to achieve if we do not make initiatives like these in the classrooms.

Thank you all and see you with ION 2.0

ION equipment