Many times we see certain things that are so far apart that, however much they resemble, we feel that they are completely different. If we take this to the stage of education we could match it to the concept of College and University, it seems that when we cross that bridge to go to our "desired Degree" a completely different world will be opened to us that we knew in our School.

We know that we are going to do incredible things, innovative projects, unreachable prototypes and a long list of dreams and ideas, but we also realize that distrust that sometimes invades us and that tells us that maybe we will not be able to do those things because we have simply never done them or experienced them.

In the European School of Madrid We have put our focus on this situation and if we are really an innovative school in Educational Technology we can not be satisfied that our students acquire only that knowledge in our classrooms, we need them to experience real situations or bigger projects, outside our walls. With this idea in our heads and with the great help of the University of Madrid we have created the UEM-CEM project.

Fabricio Santos, Director of Design, Art and Digital Content Area of ​​the European University and Jorge calvo, Professor and Head of Innovation and Technology at the European College of Madrid have managed to unite their Digital Laboratories through cross-cutting projects between students from a College and a University student.

FabLab y EuropeanValley they come together with the idea of ​​creating a common project, an idea that is born in a school and that can be developed and completed in a university.

The idea of ​​our high school students having one of their classes at the European University not only gives them the option to use and know the resources they have there, but also to enrich themselves with the experience and knowledge that a student who studies the Degree that he probably does in a few years.

This pilot project has begun this course, but seeing the results of our students with the first classes we are sure that this initiative will not remain in a single project, but that many more will follow.

"Education does not have jumps if there are no stairs that you can climb without leaving your path".

To thank the European University for its willingness to collaborate in this initiative and make everything a little easier, so that these projects and ideas have no limitations neither resources nor knowledge.