Python is a general-purpose, open-source programming language that is flexible, powerful and easy to use. One of the most important features of python is its rich set of utilities and libraries for data processing and analysis tasks. In today's era of big data and the so-called BIGDATA, python is getting more popularity because of its features that supports the processing of large amounts of data.

A little history

Python was first introduced in the 1980 year and then implemented in the 1989 year by Guido Van Rossum. Python was developed as an open source project, which can also be used in commercial environments. The basic philosophy of Python is to make the code easy to use, more readable and write fewer lines to accomplish more tasks. The most attractive part of Python is its standard library that contains ready-to-use tools to perform numerous tasks.

Python Package Index was introduced in January by 2016, containing more than 72000 packages for use by third-party software.

Here we have some of the important features of python that makes it a perfect fit for the rapid development of applications.

  • Python is an interpreted language so that the program does not have to be compiled. Analyze the program code and generate the output.
  • Python is written dynamically, so variable types are defined automatically.
  • Python is heavily typed.
  • Less code and more use makes it more effective.
  • Python is portable, extensible and scalable.

Python is a tool that can not be missed

In our EuropeanValley classes we have incorporated Python into our class syllabus, in this way our Technology and ICT students learn the possibilities of this powerful language.

This course we will use Online compilers as REPL to work with students in CLOUD and not necessarily have the interpreter installed in their devices, this way we can create online classes and execute the code in real time from any device and anywhere.

In the following article we will talk a little more about REPL, an excellent platform to use in class and teach Python. It allows you to create your classes by themes and invite the students. A concept similar to the famous Google Classroom.

Python is an excellent tool to introduce students to the world of programming, concepts such as conditionals, loops, file reading, variables, etc. are very easy to understand with a language as structured as Python.

And with a view to the future, Python will help us a lot, not only in the union with the Web programming (HTML5, PHP, AJAX ..) but also with the world of BIGDATA, since as we spoke at the beginning of this article, Python every It is becoming increasingly accepted by Data Analysts to work with large dimensions of information.