The European School of Madrid has been selected by the Endesa Foundation to participate, in the month of June in the final Reto_Tech which will involve more than 1.000 children and youth of the Community of Madrid.

The greatest challenge of technological entrepreneurship in the Community of Madrid

Our first movement

During this week the students of the European School of Madrid have initiated the first phase of the project Reto_tech sponsored by the Endesa Foundation, a challenge of entrepreneurship and educational innovation in technology aimed at solving the needs of the school environment from a technological point of view and human being participating in the center itself and its students.


The project ON! is a project designed by students and professors of the School, focused on solving the primary energy needs through top-level technological applications; 3D printing, programming, robotics, home automation, ...

The project was born from the idea of ​​using technology to improve an environment more than 6.000Km away and try to solve the energy deficit that until now presents the Eretore school in Tanzania. It is a solidary and technological project focused on the Carpio Perez Foundation, with which the School has been collaborating for some years The project is developed by a multidisciplinary team of students and teachers who apply the knowledge of programming, robotics, mathematics, physics and design to develop real solutions.

A project in ON!

We are already moving!