Segunda phase of Endesa project

Holy Week passed and we have our second phase finished, now we have two months left to prepare the final part of the project, "the most ambitious and complex." But at the same time the most fun to do because now we have to join all the teams to tie a knot to all those ideas that separately painted well but that now surely will be even bigger and better.

Physics - Design - Art - Programming

Ready to prepare the final Reto_Tech of the Endesa Foundation for the month of June. We will continue working tirelessly and taking time with our students.

What better than them to tell how they work and what the ION project means

Julen Yuste 2º ESO:

The project is very interesting, it is a propeller that we have designed and built with the 3D printer to generate electricity, I am helping to program, to design parts and to manage programs in 3D, ... I'm super-engaged, ...

Juan Mateo 1º ESO:

When we thought about the project it seemed to me that the idea would be very difficult to develop, ... with my colleagues and helped by the profs we have already managed to manufacture the first prototype, .. I will take care of the sensors y part of the programming, .. The third part of the project is much more ambitious, .. I use the breaks to work with my team, ...

Claudia Arrate 4º ESO:

We collaborate in the project with the art teacher to make a model that demonstrates that the project works, ... I am very happy to know that if we do it we will help children who need it. a lot, .. me I would love to be able to carry it out ...

Thank you Carlos for these interviews "at the foot of the field" and for shaping this article.