From the European School of Madrid y EuropeanValley We know the responsibility involved in working with Internet-connected Devices within the classroom, for this reason we continue working in our Digital Health program and helping our families with all the help and advice they may need to manage this situation, from a point of view. pedagogical and technical view.

In this article we will talk about how to make our IPad a bit safer for the habitual use of our son, both in the educational and leisure areas.

Restrictions: How do I activate them?

In addition to having applications that can help us externally to reinforce parental control, the first thing we have to do is to apply it endogenously from the operating system itself Of the device. In the case that it is an IPad, we have a function called 'Restrictions' that allows us to block or limit the use of certain applications.

Iphone control

To activate it we will access through Settings> General <Restrictions. Once inside, you will ask us to apply a code that will be used to enable or disable these restrictions. Within the restrictions section we will choose what we want to limit, such as applications (which will appear as disabled for them) and even prevent access to specific or explicit contents in the iTunes Store so that can not download nothing.

Block AppleStore purchases

Although we let our children use some specific applications for them, they can contain purchases that, if not deactivated, could cost our credit card a distaste. For this reason we also have the option to disable in-app purchases.

It's as simple as going back to the Restrictions menu we've seen before, and moving to the tab 'Shopping in the app' (just below the options to install and remove applications). We only need to deactivate the tab and voila, no purchase can be made unless we remove the restriction.

Those conflicting Web pages

In the case of the iPad, we can limit access to web pages in the browser that we have as pre-established directly from the settings, specifically from the section of restrictions that we have seen in the previous step. So, within it we will access the option 'Websites' and once there we have the possibility to limit the content for adults or choose manually which pages can or can not access through the option 'Only certain websites'.

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Some APPconvice for our device

As we say, using the mobile from a responsible point of view should not cause any problems. However, it is not difficult that what starts as a rational use, ends up becoming hours in front of the screen and in the real obligations left aside.

But of course, it is currently very complicated that we can control at all times our children, so a simple solution to manage the time they spend on the mobile phone is to make use of applications that put limits of daily use or that monitor completely everything that is done from the phone.


In that case we have applications like Qustodio, with which as we say, we can put access limits to specific applications that are more addictive, such as social networks or instant messaging services.

Time to dinner

And what happens when children ignore us? Well, perhaps you have to take a somewhat more radical step and make use of applications such as "Dinner Time." And is that this application we allows to block the use of a device from our own smartphone, so with a simple click, we can leave our son's phone inoperative until he finishes doing his homework.