ValleyTrip, this is the name of the project that we have created to work the mathematics with the students of 6º of Primary in the European School of Madrid. This project has been carried out thanks to my colleague Trini, teacher of Mathematics, which infected her students to be true directors of Travel Agencies.

We created a virtual Travel Agency with the common nexus of mathematics

The objective of the project is the application of the different mathematical competences that we have been acquiring throughout the course. 

Students distributed in groups become managers of a travel agency. They choose two cities: one European and one from the rest of the world. They design two tourist routes through these cities, where they include museums, restaurants, accommodation and points of interest.

We have created a website where students will begin to collect information about the chosen cities. This way you can create the itineraries.

The way to enter the data is very simple. We do it by means of a form in which we request the data according to what they have chosen. For example, if you want to add a Museum, you are asked to enter:

  • Name of the Museum
  • Type of Museum
  • Price of the Enrada
  • Museum Hours
  • City
  • Official Website

In this way we get a search and verification of data by students.

Once the information is downloaded on the web page, the most important activity will begin. One of the teams acts as manager and another, will be the family that seeks the trip. Depending on the characteristics of the family (number of adults and children) a route will be offered, which also includes a menu selected according to the family budget. 

In addition to this activity, there are others that complete the project such as: exercises with the kilometers between the cities of origin and destination; elaboration of a healthy menu with a given budget; survey on travel preferences and treatment of this information… .and a, I hope long etc….